About Us

We are a New Zealand company that is focused on superior customer service. We chose this particular product, Buddi, because it is superior, reliable, durable and uses the latest GPS technology. It also has multiple features and caters for a variety of users with different needs. We were impressed that it is great for older people who are mobile but could be at risk, children who might wander and get lost, as well as lone workers who might be at risk.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our business partners and enjoy working with Vodafone New Zealand and Buddi UK to provide a unique and valuable medical alarm service in New Zealand.

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Jim Lindsay

Chief Executive

MInstD, MPhil, BSc (Hons), Dip Teach

Jim is an experienced executive who has worked in Telecommunications, Government and the Health sector. He is a Chartered Member of the NZ Institute of Directors and Chair of the Healthy Futures Trust and Chair of a large Medical Centre’s Advisory Board.

Jim works with a number of professions and sits on Professional Conduct Committees.

Jim is a very experienced businessman and has created a range of new organisations and led the system design changes for large corporations and the New Zealand Crown.

You can contact Jim on 0800 559 720

Warren Cornor

Chief Technology & Operations Officer


Warren has vast experience within security, monitoring and emergency management sectors. Warren is responsible for ensuring TraceCare’s services are innovative and effective.

Warren has international experience in security, risk management and business management across both the private and public sectors. He is a recognised expert in Protective Security Requirements.

Warren’s security experience and expertise means that he is often asked to consult with the New
Zealand Government.

You can contact Warren on 0800 559 720