Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the TraceCare GPS Medical Alarm work?

The TraceCare GPS Medical Alarm consists of a wristband, a clip and a dock. The dock is the charging station. The wristband has an alert button that you can press in an emergency. It also has a fall detector. The wristband sends signals to the clip. The clip is the GPS device which will provides your location. It also has an alert button which you can press if you need help.


  1. What do I have to take with me?

You need to take your clip with you in your pocket or purse. The TraceCare GPS Medical Alarm comes with a key-fob that enables wearers to attach the clip to their keyring. People generally find this is the most useful way of always remembering the clip – as people always take their keys.

If you don’t take your clip you won’t be covered.


  1. What happens if I go out and forget the clip?

If a wristband is too far apart from the associated clip, the wristband will flash with a red light to alert you that you are too far away from the clip.


  1. Who is this alarm useful for?

The device is useful for anyone who is mobile but could be at risk such as: older people who have a medical issue or get confused but still be mobile and want to get out and about; children who might wander; or lone workers who are at risk while at work.


  1. Where does my alarm work?

Anywhere in New Zealand as long as there is Vodafone Network coverage.


  1. Is the wristband waterproof?

Yes. The wristband is fully waterproof so should be used in the shower or bath.


  1. Who gets an alert if the alarm is activated?

Whoever you have chosen to receive texts and emails. This can be family or friends.


  1. How can my friends and family find me if I have activated an alert?

In the alert you receive by email and text it will contain a link to google maps so that you can locate the person.


  1. How does the wristband detect if I have fallen?

The wristband has something in it called an ‘accelerometer’ – which detects motion and sudden movement.


  1. What happens if I forget to charge my clip or wristband?

You can clearly see if your battery charge is low from the docking station and the device will also alert you.


  1. What happens if I go away on holiday?

You can take your TraceCare GPS Medical Alarm with you.