How Does It Work?

There are three simple parts to the TraceCare GPS Medical Alarm system - the clip, wristband and dock.

The Clip

The clip lives on the dock at home and must be carried when you’re out-and-about. It can easily be attached to a key ring or slipped into a pocket or purse.

It has an alert button which, when pressed, will send your location by using the latest GPS mobile technology to your friends and family. They will receive this via text and email.

The Wristband

The wristband is waterproof and designed to be worn at all times. It senses motion and detects falls as it has an accelerometer. The wristband communicates wirelessly with the clip. By pressing the button, you can send an alert.

The Dock

The dock charges the device and can help you find a lost clip or wristband within your home.


The Tracecare GPS Medical Alarm is great. I have recommended it to quite a few of my patients. Its perfect for those people who might wander and get lost when out and about. It means family members can see where their Mums or Dads are at any time and not worry about whether they are going to make it home. Anyone who is active but has a physical or mental health issue should consider one of these – the devices that just work at home are not useful for everyone. I have recently got one for my mother as she is very active but has a physical issue and I feel much more relaxed about her now. We can find her if she is out and gets into trouble.

Dr Susanna – GP, Wellington


Family Monitoring - You can have your family or support people receive emails and texts alerting them if you have a fall or trigger an alert. The message will tell them where you are. Our user-friendly portal means it is easy to add contacts and manage who gets the alerts.

Full Monitoring – You can have our 24/7 Monitoring station monitor your alarm and they will be able to speak to you and locate your position if you have trigger an alert.


Family Monitoring

The Tracecare GPS Medical Alarm Service is affordable. There is an initial cost for the equipment and set up of $230.00. Then there is a weekly cost of $18.00 for the use of the motoring portal and texts and emails to your friends and family. All prices are inclusive of GST.


Full Monitoring

The Tracecare GPS Medical Alarm Service is affordable. There is an initial cost for the equipment and set up of $230.00. Then there is a weekly cost of $20.00 for the use of the 24/7 monitoring team of your alarm. All prices are inclusive of GST.

If you want to speak to one of our friendly customer support staff please call 0800 559 720 or email us at

Terms & Conditions


The Company (TraceCare Limited) agrees to provide medical alarm equipment and access to the web portal so that the customer can have a family monitoring service subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Service

(a) The family monitoring service shall consist of access to the web portal and enable self-set up of who shall receive alerts from automatic fall or alert notifications.

(b) To enable the Company to comply with its obligations the nominated people receiving the alerts need to ensure that their telephone data or other communication’s line is at all times fully operational.

  1. Delays and Interruptions

The Company will not be liable to the Customer for:

(a) delays in the installation or connection of equipment;

(b) for interruptions of service due to strikes, riots, floods, acts of God or any other cause (whether of a similar nature to the foregoing or not) beyond the control of the Company; and

(c) the Company will not be required to supply service to the Customer while service is interrupted because of any such cause.

  1. Charges

(a) The Customer will pay the Monthly Fee specified in advance by direct debit to the Company’s bank account on the 20th day of each month.  An invoice will not be rendered unless the Customer requests an invoice.

(b) The Company shall have the right to increase the charges specified upon giving the Client thirty days’ written notice in advance of the date on which such increase will take effect.  If the Customer is unwilling to pay any increased charges the Customer may cancel the unexpired term of this Agreement by notifying the Company in writing fourteen days prior to the date of any such increase.

  1. Exclusion of Liability

(a) The Company shall not be liable either in contract or in tort for any loss or damage whatsoever whether direct, indirect or consequential suffered by the Customer or any third party, including negligence on the part of the Company, its servants or agents arising from or relating to the provision of any services under this Agreement.

(b) In addition, the Company shall not be liable in respect of any professional advice which may be given in relation to the service or the equipment used in supplying the service by the Company, its servants or agents which is incorrect in any respect or is given in a negligent manner and the Customer acknowledges that it has relied on its own judgement in relation to the service being provided by the Company and the adequacy of such service to fulfil its requirements.

(c) Insofar as the Customer may, notwithstanding the previous provisions of this clause, have any claim for damages against the Company, its servants or agents either in contract or in tort and whether arising from negligence or otherwise (it being the intention of this clause that no such damages may be recovered) damages shall be limited to an amount equal to the sum of three months charges actually paid by the Customer in respect of that portion of the service which gave rise to the claim.

  1. Default

(a) If the Customer commits a breach of any provision of this Agreement (whether consisting of failure to pay any money due or otherwise) the Company may terminate its services to the Customer without notice and without prejudice to the right of the Company to recover all or any monies outstanding under this Agreement at the date of termination together with all or any charges payable in respect of the unexpired portion of this Agreement.

(b) If at any time the Customer is in breach of any obligation under this Agreement the Company’s obligations shall be suspended from the date that the breach occurs.

(c) If the Customer commits a breach of any provision of this Agreement the Company or its agent may without notice and without legal process enter upon any premises to recover any equipment using such force as may be necessary and repossess that equipment without prejudice to any other remedy the Company may have on account of the Customer’s default.

  1. Term of Agreement

This Agreement shall be for the Initial Term of 12 months and shall after that time continue on a monthly basis unless renewed or terminated by a party giving thirty days written notice of termination to the other.

  1. Entire Agreement

This Agreement contains the whole of the terms of the agreement between the parties and all other terms, conditions and warranties which might otherwise have been implied or have had any other application are expressly excluded to the extent permitted by law.

  1. Variations

No variations of the terms of the Agreement shall be binding on the Company or the Customer unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of both parties.

  1. Assignments

(a)         The Company may assign its obligations under this Agreement.

(b)         The Customer may not assign its obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the Company.  The Company will consent to an assignment if the assignee agrees to be bound by the provision of this Agreement on a form acceptable to the Company.

  1. Rights to Use Information

(a)         The Customer agrees that the Company may obtain information about the Customer from the Customer or any other person (including a credit or debt collection agency) in the course of the Company’s business and the Customer consents to any person providing information to the Company.

(b)         The Company may give information it has about the Customer’s credit worthiness to any person (including a credit or debt collection agency).

(c)         Personal information held by the Company about the Customer will be held by the Company at its offices.  The Customer will be entitled to request access to and to correct that information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

  1. Consumer Guarantees Act

Nothing in this Agreement is intended to have the effect of contracting out of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 other than as permitted by that Act.  The Customer agrees that the Act does not apply if the service is provided to or for the purposes of a business.

Privacy Statement

This statement relates to the handling of information that Tracecare collects and holds about individuals in order to perform its functions and provide a Medical Alarm service.


This Statement tells you:

  • why we collect personal information and health information
  • what that information is used for
  • how we keep that information secure
  • when we might share that information with others
  • how to contact us if you have questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy


Why do we collect personal information and/or health information?
We collect personal information and health information because you have decided to rent or buy our Medical Alarm and;

  • You might need our assistance or need us to arrange assistance
  • You might correspond with us
  • Somebody else, on your behalf, might ask us for help


Monitoring GPS data about you
We monitor and record GPS data about you. We do this as a part of our service to ensure your safety.


What is your personal information and health information used for?
If you or somebody else, on your behalf, chooses to enter your personal information and your health information into our system we will use that information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, Health Information Code 1994 and Emergency Services Caller Location Code.

We use it to:

  • help to identify you;
  • help to identify where you are at any given time;
  • assist with your treatment and care;
  • record your health status;
  • provide you with information, services and products that might be suitable for you;
  • respond to your requests, inquiries, or complaints;
  • administer your account;
  • train and educate staff;
  • be able to comply with our legal obligations, resolution of disputes, and enforcement of our agreements
  • help us improve our services.


How we keep your personal information secure
We use a number of data protection measures to ensure your information is kept secure.

You, or someone authorised by you, may have access to our customer portal and you can set up your own password. You (or someone on your behalf) can:

  • enter personal and health information about you
  • edit, amend or delete personal or health information

We may transfer your personal information to other countries for processing, support, storage and other necessary activities and by using our services and products you consent to the transfer of information to countries outside New Zealand which may have different personal data protection rules than in New Zealand.  If we do this in this way, we will take steps to ensure that your privacy continues to be protected according to New Zealand privacy law.


When we would share your personal information with others

We may need to share your information to other people or agencies:

  • You, or someone who has legal authority on your behalf consents;
  • We believe on reasonable grounds that there is a serious threat to your life or your health, it is not practicable to get your consent and we need to share health information with the relevant medical professionals or emergency services to lessen or prevent the threat;
  • To comply with any law or court order
  • When we have contracted with agencies to assist us with delivering our products and services
  • For any other reason that is falls within an exception to privacy under the Privacy Act 1993 or Health Information Privacy Code 1994.

We comply with the Privacy Act 1993, the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 and the Emergency Services Caller Location Code on when and why we may share or disclose personal information and health information with others, your close family and any health care professionals.


Access to your personal information

You can access and correct your personal information and health information yourself via our password protected customer portal.

Any requests for access to any other personal information we may store should be made to:

The Privacy Officer

0800 559 720


Resolving problems related to your privacy

If you want to report a suspected breach of your privacy, please contact us. We will promptly acknowledge and investigate any complaint.

Any enquires or complaints can be made direct to the Privacy Officer:

The Privacy Officer

021 225 3271

If you are not satisfied with our final decision you can direct your complaint to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner – Email: