TraceCare GPS Medical Alarms

Our personal alarm system uses the latest GPS technology to enable you to use it while you are out and about as well as when you are at home.

Help is at hand wherever you are at the press of a button.

The device also has an automatic fall detector.

It is very easy to use and you do not need a smart phone for it to work.

Call us at 0800 559 720

My daughters were worried about me because I like to go walking in the hills behind the town and I have a heart condition. The TraceCare GPS Medical Alarm means I can get out and about but still be found if I have a medical event and I need help. If I push the button they get a text and an email that says I need help. All my daughters need to do is login and see google maps and it shows where I am. It really is a wonderful invention. It gives us all peace of mind but I don’t feel trapped. I also like that it looks like a fitbit.

Deirdre, 79

Be Mobile

Be Mobile

TraceCare’s GPS Medical Alarms are totally mobile. Unlike other old-fashioned medical alarms that only work at home. Our GPS Medical Alarm enables you to be supported as you get out and about and live life to the full. Our GPS alarm will send your location to our Monitoring station or your family.

A TraceCare GPS Medical Alarm enables you to be independent and make no compromises. You can simply get on with living life, wherever it takes you.

Feel Secure

Feel Secure

Connect with your family or our Monitoring Station with a push of a button whenever you need them. The wristband is fully waterproof so you can wear them it the shower or bath.

A TraceCare GPS Medical Alarm will also automatically detect a fall. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that support is at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.

Be Found

Be Found

The TraceCare GPS Medical Alarm uses the latest satellite technology (GPS) to enable you to be located if you need help.

The software also allows a user to have a ‘geo-fenced’ area. Safe zones can be set up and if a user wanders outside the safe zone, an alert will be sent to the family. This feature is particularly useful for users who might wander and lose their way.