Who Is It For?

  • Someone who might lose their way when out and about
  • Anyone living alone
  • Anyone at risk of a fall
  • Someone whose family want to be a button press away
  • Anyone who might need help at the press of a button
  • Anyone interested in their daily activity and sleep patterns
  • Anyone working alone who could encounter danger

My son, Hayden was diagnosed with high spectrum Autism. He is non-verbal and non-social. When he started school I was terrified he would get out of the school grounds and the school is on a very busy main road. I knew he wouldn’t wear anything around his neck, wrist or ankle. I cannot sing the praises of the Tracecare GPS tracker enough! We have set up a geo-fence so if Hayden leaves the school grounds, my mother, the school and I all get an alert (text and email) to tell us that he has left the safe zone. I have absolutely no fear now. I cannot recommend this device highly enough. And Warren has been absolutely fantastic.

Hayden – 7 years old with Autism

Concerned About Dementia?

Dementia is a term used to describe a range of conditions that affect how your brain works. The most common form is called Alzheimers.

Everyone is different, but early onset of dementia can interfere with your everyday life. Our TraceCare GPS Medical Alarm can provide support to you and your family and enable you to still enjoy get out and about.

If you get confused, lost or are in danger of having a fall, then our alarm can help you stay mobile and supported. Check out our features or give us a call on 0800 559 720


Mrs W – enabling independence with dementia

Mrs W has had Alzheimer’s for several years. She lives in an independent villa in a retirement village and gets assistance from her family and Nurse Maude. She is very active, walking around the local area and to the shops which are several km away. She also goes swimming and does Tai Chi. As her condition deteriorated, her family became increasingly concerned about her ability to return home safely. What the Tracecare GPS Medical Alarm system was able to do was to provide her family with a clear picture of where Mrs W went and that she had returned safely home. A virtual fence (geo-fence) was placed around the retirement village enabling Mrs W to walk around her neighbourhood without raising an alert. If she steps outside this virtual fence, a text and email is sent to her son and daughter and they can locate her.